The HHR Woodworking Club Takes a Field Trip  
On May 27, 2010, eight members of the HHR Woodworking Club visited the St. Charles Hardwoods Mill near Troy, MO.  
We were shown the operation by Don, a very knowledgeable employee of the company.  
Taking the tour were: Galen Bird, Sam Huston, Larian Johnson and his son Darin,
Larry Kruse, Larry Marten, Mike Shatzman and Les Waganer.
The following pictures were taken with the permission of the company.  

The tour begins in the warehouse
Don show us a sample string Stacks of some of the millwork
A very big surface planer Looking inside one of the saws
The arbor is about 3" The machines are massive
One of the sample boards -
but they make cutters per customer request
This is the grinder that makes the custom cutters
Part of the dust collection system Sawdust is blown into waiting trucks to be hauled away
Feeding the planer
A two blade molding cutter A dowel rod maker
For safety sake, they use safe equipment With lots of teeth!
Here is a huge belt sander And the belts to go on it
The sander, from the other side Some of the fine detail work
Sometimes done in lots of 1000 And then finish sanded in the same small room
A rotating clamp set The clamps are capable of 16' lengths
Interesting mill work Circle work done here
They say NO to biscuits We had a brief stop at Heckler's Hardware -
lots of bins full of parts

A great day of learning about wood preparation (followed by a good lunch). What a day!!