Norstate Hardwoods, Inc.

80 Triad South Drive

(just off Highway 94 near intersection with Mid Rivers Mall Drive)

St. Charles, Missouri 63304

Email: norstate@aol.com

Phone: 636-922-6886



Craig Norsen is the owner of Norstate Hardwoods, Inc.  He is a broker for hardwood lumber and moves lumber throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico.   As a new part of his business, he decided to try selling retail lumber.  In his warehouse, he has a number of different hardwoods such as Red Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Hard Maple and Poplar. 

His wood is S3S – meaning the wood is planed on the top, bottom, and one side. 

In December 2009, Barry Bingham visited his office and warehouse, and came away with the impression that his lumber is of a higher quality than you typically see at St. Charles Hardwoods (located about a 15 minute drive away).  For example, he pulled one board of hardwood maple off the top of the stack and you could not see a knot on either side.  That’s not true of every board, but it looked like the quality of oak, walnut, cherry, etc. was very good.

Craig is keeping his prices below St. Charles Hardwood prices – a guess is about 10%.

Here’s some prices that he gave:

Red Oak - $2.50 per board foot

Walnut - $6.00

Cherry - $5.50

Hard Maple - $4.00

Poplar - $2.00

His address is:

80 Triad South Drive

St. Charles, Missouri 63304

Phone 636-922-6886

Email: norstate@aol.com

You can “google.map” the address and see where it’s located.

The business name is “Norstate Hardwood, Inc.”