Bob Lamb
Dolls' Beds for Granddaughter - 2011

My grand-daughter just turned 8 years old and she has a total of nine (9) American Dolls. For some time she has been asking me to build her a bed that would hold all of the dolls. In November, I started to mentally design a bed for her dolls. I then drew out sketches of what I planned to build and asked Les Waganer to complete computer drawings of the proposed bed. Please note that each bed unit is sized to accommodate two dolls placed side by side.

Here are some details on the bed:

*The bed is made from 1x4 and 1x6 select pine (split in two pieces to make bed sides).

*Each bed unit has .250 inch masonite material inserted into a dado slot in the bottom of each bed frame.

*The interior dimensions of each bed unit are 15 x 22 inches.

*The base of the unit is made from 2x6 pine and held together with biscuits and wood glue.

*The finished bed is 46.5 inches in height and is held together with ample wood glue.

*The natural glossy finish was achieved using five coats of Minwax Gloss polyurethane varnish with light sanding between each coat.

*The bed is very stable with the 2x6 base (heavy) which extends about 2.5 inched beyond the bed unit.

*A mattress pad and pillow were made using flannel material stuffed with quilt bedding.

*The wood engraving was done using a laser machine at Incredible Engravings (John Morak) and looks fantastic.

The cost of the project for materials would be about $85 and it took me about 40 hours of labor as I am very slow. The finished project has to pass my standards.

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