Les Waganer Discusses the Raised Panel

     I recently purchased a horizontal cutting bevel raised panel bit, a Freud Quadra-cut.  I have been putting off using it as I was scared of that big bit. 
It was so big that I could not get it below my cheap (inexpensive) router table and had to add a 1/4" hardboard with a big 1/2 circle cut out of it. 
Then the opening in my fence is too small, so I had to add a board with a big cutout in it to only expose the least amount of blade possible. I added
two extra 1/4" spacers to allow me to make two cuts.  My Craftsman plunge router is powerful enough and slows down to 12,000 rpm so it worked.
However near the end, I had some vibration and thought the plunge mechanism was contributing to the vibration.

     I ran some test pieces through and it seemed to work well. The 1/4" spacer was just about correct for two passes. You have to apply down
pressure to make sure the cut is uniform. If there is a slight wobble, you can run it through a second time, but it will show up on the back if you
have a mistake. Oh, yes, it cuts the backside relief at the same time as the front.  The Quadra-Cut really does what is advertised. Not a single piece of
fuzz left. The faces are quite good and only needed slight sanding. The end grain did need some sanding to get the pores smooth. Still it did soak
up the stain more than the sides.
     l think that this bit is SCARY. That is good because you are being VERY ATTENTATIVE all the time.  But it is fast. I completed each panel, two
passes on all sides, in about a minute, even with a slow feed rate.
The bit with the jig that Les constructed The cherry door which Les cut with the jig