Larian Johnson


Wood Carvings


November 2007


Larian has attended every wood carving meeting since we began in January 2007.  Here are three carvings he has completed since January.


Larian carved this singing angel for Mabel Davis, Monte Kay”s Aunt who was 100 years old  September 16, 2007.  Mabel was “thrilled to death” to receive it and is fascinated with Larian’s wood carvings.  Larian wanted her to have another “angel” watching over her.


The bear is four inches long and three inches high.  The carving was sealed with boiled linseed oil, sprayed with four coats of Krylon 1311, and painted with black acrylic paint.


Notice the chain link carving in the upper left, the bear in the upper right, and the two “shelf elves” in the foreground.  The “shelf elves” are six inches high and can sit on a shelf.


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