HHR Wood Working Club

March 2014



Projects Completed:


  1.         Podium – May 2007

            2.         Coat Racks – November 2007

            3.         Pool Cue Rack – May 2009

            4.         Flag stand (by Larian Johnson) - 2008

            5.         Steps for club house stage (by Galen Bird) – 2009

            6.         Games Boards, proceed to HHR Garden Club – 2010

            7.         August Museum mannequin cabinet – 2011

            8.         Christmas donation, toy cars and trucks – 2011

            9.         Christmas donation, toy plans and ….. – 2013

            10.       DVD storage and display shelves for HHR Club House - 2013

Future Projects:  (see pictures and these descriptions on our Club web site) 

What should be the priority order? 

What additions to the thoughts and ideas do we have 

What other projects should be considered?

1.         Bulletin Boards

Replace the multiple bulletin boards located outside the Heritage of Hawk Ridge Clubhouse office along a hallway wall.  These bulletin boards contain information about current events at Heritage of Hawk Ridge.  Bulletin boards of various sizes have been added as the need increase. Stu Cassell, our Activities Director, has requested a better set of uniform bulletin boards.

Some features could be:

°               Uniform look and size to the three to four bulletin boards that hang side-by-side from the French cleat.  Stu suggests we permanently attach the bulletin boards to the wall.

2.         Coffee Stand

We have been requested to make a six inch platform for the large coffee pots to sit on when the coffee pots are placed on table for use.   This platform allows cups to be inserted below the nozzle and a catch basin for drips.  Currently, the nozzle must be hung over the edge of the table and the catch basin is on the floor.

3.         Hand Weight Shelves

Hand weights are stored on shelves that are sagging in the Exercise Room at the Heritage of Hawk Ridge Clubhouse.  The Club could build new storage racks for the hand weights. 

4.         Table In The Ladies’ Restroom

A table positioned in front of the frosted window in the ladies’ room could be used to by the women to place their purses when using the restroom.

5.         Indoor Shuffle Board

An indoor shuffle board game could be added to our Clubhouse activities.  Regulation size is approximately three feet wide by twelve feet long at waist height.  Metal pucks are used to slide along the board.  These game boards sell for $2000 and up.  This would a major project for the Club and has a high interest among some residents.

6.         Rolling Cabinet for Entertainment Center

The current rolling entertainment center is a steel kitchen cart.  The stereo system on the cart is used for dance lessons and demonstrations in the Heritage of Hawk Ridge Clubhouse’s large banquet room.  This has a lower priority because the steel kitchen cart is working fine.