Completed May 2007



Shirley Barnes, a Heritage of Hawk Ridge (HHR) resident, requested the purchase of a podium for use for the annual Cup of Christmas Tea and various other community events.  Stu Cassell, Director of Activities of HHR, researched the cost of podiums and it became evident that a nice one was simply too expensive to purchase.  Stu contacted the newly formed HHR Wood Working Club and asked if the Club could design and build the podium.


Detailed plans were developed and presented for approval by Stu Cassell.  The completed podium measures 48 inches high (facing the audience) and 36 inches high facing the speaker.  The front and back are 26 inches wide and the sides are 26 inches wide.  The speakerís platform (for notes, computer, etc.) is 29 inches by 29 inches.  The podium was made of solid oak purchased at the Lake St. Louis Lowes.  The finish is a boiled linseed oil with three coats of clear MinWax polyurethane.  The design is based on a similar podium made for the main Boy Scout office by Colonel Fred Brown, US Army (retired) and currently Director of Training and Advancement for the Greater St. Louis Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America.  


The final cost of the podium was $441.60. 


The podium features a microphone linked to speakers, a power circuit, reading lamp for the speaker, the HHR logo made in intarsia on the front of the podium (made by Jim McDaniels), four-inch polyurethane wheels for exceptional mobility, an open shelf at the back of the podium, raised panels on all four sides, doors at the back giving access to another shelf, and is signed by those who worked on the podium (on the inside of the lower left back door).


The following fifteen individuals worked over 250 hours in 21 work sessions in Barry Binghamís shop to design and build the podium.


Barry Bingham                                  Larry Kruse

Galen Bird                                          Jim McDaniels

Frank DeCarlo                                  Larry Martin

Ron Erhle                                           Ellis Nelson

Len Ketterer                                       Frank OíConnor

Larian Johnson                                  Jim Poelker

Sam Huston                                       Don Roberts

                                                            Rich Singer


The completed podium was presented to the Clubhouse on May 25, 2007.