Pool Cue Rack for the Clubhouse

Completed May 2009


The card/pool room in the Clubhouse had a very simple rack holding four cues.  The Club decided to design and build a rack with the following features:

The pool cue rack measures 36 inches wide, 70 ˝ inches tall, and 8 inches thick. 

Len Ketterer donated walnut wood to make the pool cue rack.

Les Waganer did extensive work to design the details of the rack using a computerized drafting program.

Nineteen members worked over 500 hours in 29 sessions in Barry Bingham’s work shop, plus five sessions in Les Waganer’s shop, and one session in Larian Johnson’s shop. 

The cost to the Heritage of Hawk Ridge Clubhouse was….zero.  All materials, parts and labor were donated by members of the Club.

On May 25, 2009, the rack was hung on the wall by the pool table and a party was held to celebrate the success of the completed project.

The nineteen members who worked on the rack were:  Barry Bingham, Galen Bird, Ron Ehrle, Sam Huston, Len Ketterer, Larry Kruse, Larian Johnson, Bob Koenig, Larry Lachalmelle, Bob Lamb, Larry Marten, Ellis Nelson, Frank O’Connor, Jim Poelker, Terry Quinn, Mike Shatzman, Ralph Sidebottom, Rich Singer, and Les Waganer.

You can see pictures of the pool cue rack and the wood work by members in the icon “Current Project” under “Pictures”.